Thursday, February 21, 2013


I go to my yahoo mail to find a email from MR.Acworth and I am so happy.

I love him and the fact helped me break the tightest hymen in the world.

Yes, I was not that honest, but there was many angles and demons there that night. If I spoke the truth it would not have happened.

The world was not ready for the Truth and now I want the truth out. I was a Virgin to GOD.

God was my boyfriend and I was sick of never having real human sex. The path of the Universe lead me to and that is why I went there.

I wanted to be tied up in ropes because I knew my body would fight it. I knew there was something wrong with my pussy, I just did not know what. I never went to the doctors because they wanted to cut my hymen out which would then no longer make me a virgin in his eyes.

I took the pain and then after that shoot every shoot I did under the name NICKI BLUE was so painful I would fight tears. I would go to the bathroom to CRY and not USE DRUGS. I understand a bunch of people thought I did drugs but I was not doing Drugs. I was running to the bathroom to cry. I was in so much pain.

I had a pussy surgery after DR. RIGGS found out my pussy was fucked up from my virginity shoot. It cost me all my money I made in porn to get it fixed and when I returned I used the name Aaliyah Avatari.

No one wanted to work with me know because they remembered me for my bad shoots.

This is why I retired from being a pornstar is because people stopped caring about me and saw my past problems only.

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