Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Story Shortened

The Universe is flowing threw me right now and lets just say I spent my birthday nov, 9th 1988 with God and Xmas. On the 27th of Dec. he came back inside my body. From that point I drove from CA to the Blue lake which was the great lakes.

God came to me as a Lotus when I was 19 and I set him free into the woods. For four years he left my body so I could grow up. I gave the world my virginity, to on Jan 15th 2011. I have done the worse of the worse but I did it to learn the lessons God wanted me to learn and I got stuck in the deepest darkest evil of LA.

When I lost my virginity all the sex I have ever had with humans have been painful up until now. God has given me a normal human body now, but its to late because everyone hates me because before it hurt me to have sex. 

My psychic abilities returned 7 days after 12/21/2012. The day the triangle appeared in the SUN. When I look into the sun I can stare into it for hours and my eyes are healed by GOD. I will never go blind as it is one of my powers.

I am a Sun Child and connected to the Sun. The sun was Bipolar so was I.

When I went to Roswell and Area 51 I was told I was a recantation of Lilith. I know you don't want to accept it but I have memories similar to hers. I had nitemares growing up of men getting ontop of me and trying to fuck me, when I was still a Virgin. I was a Virgin until I was 22.

I do have a lot of her memories and I have had many people even a Jewish Rabbi conferm that I have parts of her soul. Now listen, she is not a demon like history says, they have changed the truth to make her into a rotten soul which she is not. You can read me and tell I am not a evil demon even though I have fucked angels and demons at this point in my life.

The pain you felt was the pain of me losing everything in my life which I have 3 times. I have lost the one I love , my alien lover Milo. I have had UFOs inorganic beings around me, my hole life. It is hard to prove because my proof has been burned.

I'm only 24 and I have spent the last 4 years in porn and doing drugs and I'm just now starting to get back to the spiritual world. From 1- 15 I was with GOD. Milo my first lover who was a alien and left the planet when I was 16 and then my skin turned BLUE which is why I used the name Nicki Blue. I use the name Aaliyah Avatari, now for my blogs  because  I wear many masks of protection to confuse people.

I don't know the history but I want to learn but I want you to understand parts of my soul is alien because alien sex / energy sex / inorganic sex is the only way I have ever enjoy it and Milo is my soul bound lover. We bonded and we are still married even though he lives in space and in the sun.

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